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Turning the World Upside Down for Jesus Christ, One Life at a Time.

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Welcome to the Flipside!

Hi there, my name is Kevin Reynolds and I am the Lead Pastor here at The Flipside.  Since 2001, our church family has been pursuing God’s best for one another and for the communities in which we live.  We believe deeply in the power of the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ to bring healing and hope to our often broken and hurting world.  It is our honest desire to partner with God to see lives changed, to see our world turned upside down for Jesus Christ one life, one heart, one soul at a time.
I want to encourage and invite you to navigate this site to learn more about what life looks like on The Flipside.  I also want to invite you to come by and visit us at one of our Sunday gatherings.  Our church family is made up of a wonderfully imperfect, diverse community of people whose stories are continually unfolding under the grace of God.  We’d love to see your story and the story of your family become part of that journey.

See you on Sunday!


Pastor Kev

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