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What to Expect in Flipt Seedlings

Flipside’s Seedlings’ Rooms are developmentally based.  We want you and your child to know when you are ready for the next phase and what to expect when you get there.

Beginning in the Nursery

We welcome your infant whenever you are ready to allow us to care for him or her.  Our volunteers are consistent week to week, and we find that your baby benefits from depending on the same caregivers.  Here are a few things to consider when starting your little one in the Nursery:

  • Stay consistent to the same morning service so your infant becomes secure with the same caregivers.
  • Check in with the greeters in the lobby at the computers.
  • Let the greeters know any directions you may have about feedings and naps and they will note them on your child’s check-in sticker.
  • Our volunteers are great at taking care of all your infant’s needs, but in case a question or concern arises keep your phone near you in service.

Nursery to Toddlers

Children are ready to move from the Nursery to the Toddler Room when they can walk steadily on their own and can communicate basic needs.

In the Toddler Room, your child can expect to:

  • Play
  • Learn a short lesson from the Bible
  • Do activities to reinforce the lesson
  • Receive a snack of animal crackers
  • Have the opportunity to use the restroom when they are ready

Toddlers to PreK

Children are ready to move from the Toddler Room to the PreK Room when they:

  • Are three years old
  • Can use the potty without help

In the PreK Room, your child can expect to:

  • Play
  • Learn a short lesson from the Bible
  • Do an activity to reinforce the lesson
  • Receive a snack of animal crackers
  • Sing songs
  • Learn a Bible verse each month

PreK to Flipt Grades

Children are ready to move from the PreK Room to Flipt in June of the year that they will begin kindergarten.  (Kids who will be attending transitional kindergarten remain with PreK.)  All elementary grades promote to the next grade the first Sunday in June.

In Kindergarten, your child can expect to:

  • Learn about a new characteristic of God each month
  • Learn a Bible verse each month that teaches about that characteristic
  • Learn a lesson from the Bible during large group time
  • Do activities in small groups to reinforce that lesson
  • Begin learning to read out of the Bible
  • Develop relationships with their peers and with their weekly small group leaders.
  • Sing songs


One of our values is to provide kids with a consistent environment.  To that end, we focus on developing a majority of volunteers who are committed to serving in Flipt weekly.  However, we have opportunities for volunteers who are not able to make a weekly commitment as well. Consistent weekly leaders allow kids to feel safe, loved, and known.  Our leaders are passionate about getting to know each family and help everyone have a great Sunday morning.

@ Home

At the Flipside, we believe that we can best positively impact the lives of kids through partnering with parents.  We know that raising a child to become a whole-hearted Christ follower is no easy task. Our hope is to provide encouragement, support, and resources for you as you disciple and teach your children.


The Parent CUE app provides simple CUES throughout the week that remind you to pause and make the most of everyday moments.

  • Offers CUES for families with preschoolers and elementary-age kids
  • Parent Time section has videos, podcasts, and articles just for parents
  • Videos, activities, and discussion questions link to First Look and 252 Basics material
  • Content updates weekly


Sunday: Drive Time Wonder Videos and Songs
Monday: Cuddle Time Prayer
Wednesday: Bath Time Activity
Friday: Play Time Activity


Sunday: Drive Time videos
Tuesday: Meal Time discussion guides
Thursday: Hang Time activity
Friday: Bed Time story
Download this app for videos and activities that relate to our Sunday lessons.  It updates weekly and kids love it!

Meet our Seedling Leader

Donna Knopp – Early Childhood Coordinator