Middle School Ministry

Weds Night Programming On Campus

Middle School Ministries

Designed for Middle School Students (6th – 8th grades) to discover their identity in Jesus Christ through relationships with mature adult disciples. Through Biblical teaching, worship, activities, games, events, camps, and missions we will have a ton of fun getting to know each other and Jesus Christ.

What to expect Sundays

Our Middle School students join their families for our opening and closing sets of worship.

  • Between the first set of worship and the sermon students head towards our Youth Room (just to the left of the front doors).
  • During this time they will get exegetical teaching through a book of the Bible
  • Taught by longtime members of the Flipside community
  • With a focus on a love and knowledge of scripture

What to Expect Wednesdays

Wednesday Nights is the most important time for our Student Ministries. It is our goal to create a community of students and adults committed to growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our Wednesday night program is from 6:30 – 8pm. There is a snack bar available before we start. Each night will consist of a game, worship, a topical lesson, and then time in gender and grade based growth groups.

Game, Group Worship, Lesson, and growth groups

Growth Groups:

Gender and grade specific growth groups are the focus of our ministry. This is where students will grow in Christ as they participate in a community designed to last not only their time in the ministry but also in life. Each group is led by men and women of the Flipside community so it can be a safe place for students to grow in their faith together.


Our teaching Wednesday nights are biblically inspired topical lessons delivered in a relevant and applicable style. Each lesson is aimed at the transformation only Jesus Christ can bring through His Living Word.

Our Leaders:

We believe every student deserves an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best of who God has called them to be. These adults are background checked and trained so that your student is safely mentored and shown Jesus Christ.

Weds Night Programming On Campus

We are so excited to get our students back together and on campus at The Flipside! Please read all the information below.

Volunteer Here!!

Below we detail our plan to re-gather safely on campus following all local, state, and Flipside’s protocols and procedures; while also allowing students to experience the spiritual, emotional, physical, and social necessities that come with worshipping Jesus together in a large group and building deep relationships in small groups.

To do this we will need your partnership:

  • First and foremost we need your help in following all our procedures as a parent and student; as well as praying for Christ to transform our students lives.
  • Secondly: We will need many more volunteers to execute a great night of ministry.

Here is how you can volunteer: Volunteer Here!!
Take a look at each volunteer role: Volunteer Roles/Responsibilities

Our large group programming will take place in the parking lot and group times on each side of the building. Students will rotate clockwise to avoid cross-traffic.

In order to maintain social distancing, allow each ministry to worship together, and also better target programming to each specific ministry…here is our schedule: (Bring Your Own Chair!)

Middle School Ministry (6:30 – 8p)                                                               High School Ministry (7-8:30p)
– 6:30p: Welcome/game
– 6:40p: Worship
– 7:00p: Message                                                                                            – 7:00p: Welcome/Groups
– 7:20p: Switch                                                                                                – 7:20p: Switch
– 7:25p: Groups                                                                                              – 7:25p: Worship
–                                                                                                                        – 7:45p: Message
– 8:00p: MSM Pickup                                                                                     – 8:05p: Groups
–                                                                                                                        – 8:30p: HSM Pickup

Drop-off & Pick-up:

  • At your students respective drop off times, drive through the front parking lot of the Church entering from the Milliken side of The Flipside. Your student will head directly to their program (MSM Students) or their groups (HSM Students). Exit right as you leave.
  • When you pick up your student text Summer for MSM (##) or Jimmy for HSM (##) and we will dismiss your student to the front of the Church to be picked up. Exit right as you leave.


  • Your student will be checked into Planning Center and directed where to go.
  • Students must maintain social distancing and wear their masks while on campus

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What’s everything my student will need?
      • The Flipside Covid release form submitted: https://flipside.churchcenter.com/people/forms/157315
      • A mask (this is not required, but we respect your decision to wear one)
      • A Bible (worship and scripture will be provided in a handout or QR code, we also have Bibles to give to your student if they do not have one)
  • I have a MS & HS student; what am I supposed to do with the time gaps before and after programming?
      • During COVID restrictions we will need parents to either serve alongside their MS student (HS students can serve without an adult at the start of programming) or stay with their student in the car. There is a wide range of service opportunities for all interests/capabilities.
      • Serving others is a fundamental aspect of growing in our faith. Serving allows us to discover and build the gifts and abilities God has given as well as allowing us to see God use us to make a difference. We highly encourage your student to serve.
  • What happens when we know someone who has COVID came to youth group?
      • The definition of exposure is 15 minutes or more at less than 6 feet apart. We are creating an experience where this should not happen.
      • If it does, families of exposed students will be notified of exposure, encouraged to be tested, and all students/volunteers involved will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.
      • We will not disclose names or personal details.
  • Will there still be a digital option?
      • Streaming the service (whether live or pre-recorded) will be part of our ministry now and moving forward.
      • At the moment digital students will join their groups over zoom for live group discussion.
      • There is an option for an all-online digital group as the need arises.

Links to keep up to date:

Instagram: @flipsidestudentministry
Facebook: FlipsideStudentMinistry
Youtube: FSM Youtube
Remind (Txts): remind.com/join/flipsidesm
Newsletter: FSM Newsletter

Meet our MSM Leaders

Wednesday 6:30-8
at The Flipside

Sundays during the
sermon each service

Jimmy Beach-Davey

Students and Families Pastor


Hannah Currier

Student Ministry Administrative Assistant