Mom’s Coffee Break

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Meet our Mom’s Coffee Break Leader

Sarah Rodriguez – Director

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Mom’s Coffee Break typically meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month, 9:00am to 11am.

Are you a mom that would like some time for you? Come join us for brunch, devotional time & fellowship! FOR MORE INFOMATION.
8:45am to 11am at The Flipside: 10912 Jersey Blvd, 91730

Our Mission Statement:
“Momtourage exists to serve moms by helping them become confident Godly women who build a legacy for their families in Jesus Christ, one life at a time.”

Who we are:
Mothers, wives, and friends.
Sisters brought together by God’s grace.
Helping one another along our journey.
Leading the way for our children.
Building a legacy of truth, forgiveness, service and love in Jesus Christ our Savior.