Hi Flipt Kids and Families! Just because we can’t meet in person on Sunday, doesn’t mean we can’t grow in our faith together!

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Parent Guide 

Seedling’s Memory Verse 

“Come and follow me,” Jesus said. Matthew 4:19 (Click Here to learn the Motions) 

Flipt Memory Verse 

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. Colossians 3:13 

 Family Challenge 

RAD RAINBOW ART CHALLENGE: Friday, April 3, 2020 is National Find a Rainbow Day! I think we could all use a reminder of God’s promises as we seek to flatten the curve together. As a family, have each person draw/color a rainbow to put in the windows of your home so that you can help spread joy and the knowledge that our God is a Promise Keeper! Remember to post pictures of your finished challenges and tag @Fliptkids on Facebook and Instagram.

Seedling Activity 

Here is an activity that can help your child remember the point of this week’s story: First, gather as many family members as you can get to participate. Next, put on some of your favorite worship music. Have one person be the leader and do some really cool (or really silly) dance moves. Encourage everyone else to follow along with the leader. Whenever you like, let someone else be the leader and keep dancing, switching off as many times as you want.

Here are some simple, yet very important, questions to wrap up this activity: Who are some people in your life that you can follow? Who else can you follow? 

 Flipt Activity 

Here’s an activity you can do with your family to help you remember and talk about this week’s parable of Jesus. First, gather some paper, markers, crayons, stickers, or other favorite art supplies. Use the paper to make party hats for everyone in your family. Don’t forget your pets! Now, put on those party hats, and pull out your Bibles. Read Luke 15:11-32, thinking about how the older son felt during this time.

Here are some conversation ideas for your family: *How did the father react when his son returned? (He forgave him and threw a huge party to celebrate his son’s return.) *Where was the older brother when the younger son returned? (working in the field) *How did the older brother react when he found out that the party was for his younger brother who’d returned home? (He was angry.) *Why do you think the older brother was SO mad? Have you ever been mad that someone else got something good that you didn’t think they deserved? (We’ve probably all felt this way. Help your child understand that feeling this way is okay, but when we hold onto those feelings, we can miss out on great things like celebrations and relationships with people we love.)

If you have 4th/5th graders, continue with these questions: *What is a grudge? *What can you miss out on if you don’t forgive? *What did the older brother miss out on because he stayed angry with his father? Now put those party hats to good use and celebrate forgiveness with some of your favorite treats! Tag them on Instagram and tag @Fliptkids.  


Lord may we know in our hearts how much you love us. We pray that each of us would look to you as our true Father and seek your forgiveness and your mercy. Give us the strength to know when we must ask for forgiveness and help us to make wise choices that lead us closer to you and to the ones that we love. Amen.