Hi Flipt Kids and Families! Just because we can’t meet in person on Sunday, doesn’t mean we can’t grow in our faith together!

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Parent Guide 

Seedling’s Memory Verse 

God is with you wherever you go.  Joshua 1:9 (Click Here to learn the Motions) 

Flipt Memory Verse 

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out. Proverbs 10:9

Seedling Activity 

The Bible story in this week’s video is about Hagar and her son who were in the desert and desperate for water.  God took care of them, and He will take care of you too.  Try this activity to help your kiddos remember that God’s got it.

You will need cups, dishes, and anything else you like for a tea party.  You can keep it simple and do this while you have lunch or a snack.  You can also go all out with tea cups, saucers, a table cloth, etc.  Of course, you can also do something in between.  The conversation will be the focus, not the items you’re using.  

Set up your table or play space. Feel free to invite your kids to help with that. Involving them can add to the fun.  Say, “I’m thirsty!  Let’s have a tea party!” and invite your children to sit with you.  Serve the drink of your choice.  Remind your kids that, in this week’s Bible story, they learned about Hagar and her son.  They were in the desert and very thirsty. God took care of them, and God takes care of us, too!  Ask your kiddo to tell you something God does to take care of them.  If it helps, have them finish this sentence, “God gives us ______________.”   Ideas include: food, cozy beds, toys, friends, water, and clothes.  Wrap up your talk by asking your child, “Who’s got it?” and encouraging them to answer, “God’s got it!”

Flipt Activity

Here’s an activity you can do with your family to help you remember and talk about October 18th’s lesson.

Read 2 Kings 5 with your family.  Then gather some dominoes or other rectangular blocks. 

Set up the blocks up on their short ends in a line close enough to each other so that when the first block is knocked over the other blocks will be also, one after another.  If you’re feeling extra ambitious, add some ramps or steps for the blocks to climb up and down. (If you need some ideas, search for “dominoes falling” on Youtube). When you’re all set up, knock over the first block and see what happens.  Talk about how one untruth can create a whole domino effect of consequences. See if you can come up with a couple of examples and tell what those different consequences would be.  Make sure to talk about how one of those consequences is a lack of trust and what this would look like.  Loss of trust isn’t a concrete consequence that you can see, but it can be the most important consequence. 

Here are some conversation ideas for your family:

  • What happened after Gehazi lied to Naaman? (He got the silver and clothes, but he got sick.) 
  • How do you think Elisha felt when he knew that Gehazi had been dishonest? (sad, angry, hurt)
  • How can being untruthful to someone break their trust in you? 

If you have 4th/5th graders continue with these questions:

  • Why do you think integrity is so important? Why is it important for people to trust you? 
  • What happens if we’re dishonest with someone a few times in a row? How does that affect what that person thinks of us and our relationship with them?
  • When we choose to be dishonest, can we ever be sure our dishonesty won’t affect anyone? Why or why not? (Lead kids to understand that even if we don’t get caught, there are still consequences in terms of how we feel in our hearts. Sometimes we think that being dishonest won’t affect anyone, but we forget that it always affects us.)
  • How can choosing to be truthful affect our relationships with others? 

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