Hi Flipt Kids and Families! Just because we can’t meet in person on Sunday, doesn’t mean we can’t grow in our faith together!

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Parent Guide 

Seedling’s Memory Verse 

These are written so that you may believe Jesus is the Christ, the son of God.   John 20:31 NIV (Click Here to learn the Motions) 

Flipt Memory Verse 

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8 (NIV)

 Family Challenge 

Go on a nature scavenger hunt some time this week! Take a walk around the neighborhood and look for the following things and tag us @FLIPTKIDS on Instagram and FB: 

  1. 3 different kinds of leaves 
  2. Something yellow 
  3. One small and one large stick 
  4. Name something you see in the sky 
  5. Something that is round 
  6. Something purple 
  7. Something that grows that is green 
  8. Something that flies
  9. 3 different rocks 
  10. Something that brings you JOY 

Have a conversation with your family about God the creator. Teach them about how God created the world and everything in it out of love and out of His infinite goodness. Remind them that while God does not need us, He wants us and adores us every single day. If you are looking for scriptures, start in Genesis 1 and take your families through the 7 days of creation. 

Seedling Activity 

Jesus said He is preparing a special place for all His friends in this week’s Bible story.  This is a good time to talk with your kids about how amazing it is that Jesus wants us to be with Him forever.  It’s also a good time to imagine what heaven might be like.  The following activity can be done in a few different ways.  Choose the method that works best for your family.

Heaven Is…

Option A:  Talk it out.  

No supplies needed.  Ask your kids, “What Do You Think Heaven Is Like?”  Listen to their answers and add some of your ideas if you like.  Because exactly what heaven is like, let your kids’ imaginations run free.  If they say heaven is made of cotton candy and has puppies everywhere, that’s okay.  Once the ideas (or the time) have run out conclude the conversation by saying, “We don’t know what heaven is like, but we can believe that heaven is real because that’s what Jesus said! And we can believe in Jesus because He always tells the truth. Everyone who believes in Jesus will get to be with him forever and live with him in heaven one day. Who can believe in Jesus? We can believe in Jesus.”

Option B:  Write and/or draw

You will need paper and pens, pencils, crayons, or markers. Have the conversation described in Option A.  While you and your kiddos are talking, though, write or draw your ideas on paper.  You can use one paper for everyone or have each person do their own.  

Option C:  Make a collage

Gather paper, glue, scissors, and old magazines or random photos.  Look through the pictures and have your kiddos find things they think they’ll see in heaven.  Help them cut out the pictures they want and glue them to their papers.

If you use options B or C, you may want to hang the papers in a place where you will see them regularly or put them away for safekeeping.  You could even put the date or your children’s ages on the paper.  It might be fun to look back on this as your kids grow in their faith.

Flipt Activity

Here’s an activity you can do with your family to help you remember and talk about last Sunday’s lesson.

Read Revelation 21:3-5a with your family.

Then, play a game of Follow the Leader.  Make sure everyone gets to be the leader for a few minutes.  When you’re done, make a list of all the ways you can follow Jesus.  Talk about how following Jesus can be a little like Follow the Leader. Make a list of the different ways you can follow Jesus.

Here’s some conversation ideas for your family:

  • What would it be like to not have any sadness, pain, or anything bad happening to you?
  • What else do you think heaven will have or not have?
  • What part of heaven do you hope for the most? What are you really hoping is true of heaven or what would you be most excited about?
  •  Is there anything about heaven that makes you nervous? What would that be?

If you have 4th/5th graders continue with these questions:

  •  When is it hardest for you to follow Jesus?  Why?

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