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We want you to have a resource you can use throughout the Holiday season, here’s our Family Advent Guide, please enjoy!
Have you ever thought about all the attitudes that come more naturally than an attitude of gratitude?
This month we want to help our families to exercise gratefulness by showing gratitude in out of the box ways.
Take some time to read this article on how our attitudes affect our spirit of gratefulness and then drop by the Lodge
on Sundays or click the link below for a copy of The Gratitude Family Challenge!
While we believe that parents are the primary influence in the lives of their children, but we also strongly
believe that your children need about 5 other adults around them who will fight for their best and speak
into their worth. We personally know how daunting it sounds to prioritize this, but have seen first hand
how incredible it can be to begin this process as early as possible. This article gives practical steps to
begin to widen your family’s circle. You can download a short worksheet below to get you started,
with a special needs edition available as well!

Flipt’s Mission…

is to partner with parents in developing children of influence.  We hold to three key values as we further this mission.

We believe in providing a consistent environment. This means that we strive to find dedicated leaders willing to serve weekly to provide familiar faces to the children. We stick to a similar schedule every week so that children will know what to expect.

We also seek to develop authentic relationships with the children. We encourage relationship building between adult leaders and kids as well as between the kids themselves.

Finally, we wish to see each child grow in his understanding of Godly character. Each month in Flipt we focus on a different character quality that a follower of Jesus should exhibit as he/she learns to live with Jesus at the center of his/her life.

What to Expect on Sundays

Large group time: Flipt kids will join with other small groups to hear an interactive Bible story and participate in worship through music.

Small group time: Flipt kids will build relationships with their small group leaders and with kids their own age while having fun further exploring the Bible story, Bible verse and monthly theme.

Consistent Leaders: Small group leaders commit to serving in Flipt weekly for one whole year, with 2 one month breaks.

What We Are Learning

Monthly Themes: Each month every Flipt Bible lesson and activity focuses on one Godly characteristic (e.g. forgiveness, love, joy) and a corresponding memory verse.

God Time: Each week Flipt kids will bring home a printed tool to help them develop the habit of spending time with God while digging deeper into the Bible story and monthly theme.

What to Expect Throughout the Year

Wacky Week of Fun is Flipside’s version of vacation bible school for kids ages 4 through 5th grade.

Every summer Flipside partners with Forest Home by sending our 4th and 5th graders to their elementary away camp with our staff and hand picked volunteer counselors.

Flipt provides many events for kids to have fun, invite their friends to, and develop community with their peers throughout the year.  Check out our events page to see what’s happening now.


In addition to Sunday morning programming, Flipt hosts several events throughout the year.  Through these events, we desire for kids to have fun, develop community with their peers, and get to know Jesus a little bit better.  Flipt kids are always encouraged to invite their friends to Flipt events.

Flipt child BAPTISMS are coming up on August 25th. Please let us know if your child has expressed interest in being baptized. Once you complete this initial interest request you will be contacted by Brittany and she will set up a time to meet with your child about this important life decision.

Any questions please contact Angie or Brittany.
Angie: angie@flisidechurch.com
Brittany: Brittany@flipsidechurch.com

Register here: https://flipside.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/276160

Check this page regularly for more details on, and to register for, these and other upcoming events.

Save the Date Events


One of Flipt’s values is to provide kids with a consistent environment.  To that end, we focus on developing a majority of volunteers who are committed to serving in Flipt weekly (although we do have plenty of positions for those who wish to volunteer but are not able to make a weekly commitment). Consistent weekly leaders allow kids to feel safe, loved, and known.  Our Flipt leaders are passionate about getting to know each kid and leading them into a closer relationship with Jesus, with their leaders, and with their peers.

@ Home

At the Flipside, we believe that we can best positively impact the lives of kids through partnering with parents.  We know that raising a child to become a whole-hearted Christ follower is no easy task. Our hope is to provide encouragement, support, and resources for you as you disciple and teach your children.

The Parent CUE app provides simple CUES throughout the week that remind you to pause and make the most of everyday moments.

  • Offers CUES for families with preschoolers and elementary-age kids
  • Parent Time section has videos, podcasts, and articles just for parents
  • Videos, activities, and discussion questions link to First Look and 252 Basics material
  • Content updates weekly
Download this app for videos and activities that relate to our Sunday lessons.  It updates weekly and kids love it!

252 Weekly At Home Tool

Developing the habit of spending time daily with God in scripture and in prayer is an important part of being a Christ-follower.  These GodTime cards are a perfect way to introduce your child to that habit.  Each card has four small activities, intended to be done on four different days.  Kindergarten and 1st graders will need some help from parents, but older kids can spend their God Time alone or with you.  Each Card reteaches and reinforces the lesson that was taught on Sunday in Flipt, in ways that are age appropriate and fun for kids.

3 God Time cards (K/1, 2/3, 4/5)

252 Monthly

252 Monthly Bottom Line

252 Monthly Verse

Bible We Recommend

Past Resources

As we continue to make space for the truth of our God to take root in our lives this Lent season, our Family Ministry team encourages you to spend time on the journey as a family. We’ve attached some activities and articles from our staff, and partners at Orange for you to engage your children at every phase of development. If at any point this season you have questions in guiding your children through Lent please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff.

40 day Lent Calendar: Lent 40 Day Calendar for Families.pdf

Meet our Flipt Leader

Angie Pike – Flipt Kids Director