Kevin Reynolds

Lead Pastor

Kevin Cobb

Community Life Pastor

Andy Taylor

Worship and Creative Arts Pastor

James Beach-Davey

Student's and Families Pastor

Paul Verlangieri

Communications Pastor

Garry Brock

Community and Global Outreach Director

Heather Avila

Care Director

Brittany Robinson

Children's and Families Director

Angie Pike

FLIPT Kids Director

Kristen Chal

Connections and Events Director

Ray Rodriguez

Music Director

Becca Guerrero

Operations Director

Donna Knopp

Early Childhood Coordinator

Summer Batterbee

Student Ministries Coordinator

Vanessa Gonzalez

Youth Worship Coordinator

Jillian SaldaƱa

Creative Arts/Communications Administrative Assistant

Gayle Stephens

Students Administrative Assistant

Anna Lutschkin

Administrative Assistant/Community Life